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nano multivitamin liquid (tekeshu)


this product applies the latest specific nano-emulsion technology to create a stable combination with multi-vitamin, essential amino acids, oligoses and immunoglobulins. this well-designed scientific formula could fully satisfy the nutritious demand of maintaining animals’ growth. with the help of nano technology that used in this product, all nutrients mentioned above could be encapsulated by nanoemulsion. these functional nanoemulsion droplets (with diameter between 12-20nm) could be dissolved in water. it means that compared to the other traditional products, this product has the ability to solubilise lipophilic vitamins and other nutrients, such as vitamin a, vitamin d and vitamin e, and help animals to have a better nutrition absorptivity.


1.    oral efficient supplement of multi-vitamin and essential amino acids ensure fast nutrition absorption, which could help animals to maintain normal physiologic functions and to promote metabolism.

2.    it can help animals to improve anti-stress capability and relieve stresses from multiple sources, such as transport, immunity and the other situations.

3.    it could improve animals’ intestinal environment by maintaining intestinal microflora balance and ameliorating intestinal condition. and to strengthen immunity.

4.    it could enhance ingestion efficiency and the capability of nutrition absorption. and to stimulate growth and development with a lower feed conversion ratio (fcr).

5.    it promotes animals’ blood-production function and encourages sexual maturity. and this product helps poultry to prevent some adverse behaviors, such as feather pecking and vent pecking.

6.    this product can quickly replenish necessary lipophilic vitamins for animals, to stimulate the mature of immune system.

7.    for breeding stock, this product is conducive to increase the ratio of fertilization, egg production and quantity of piglets.


composition (each 1 l contains):

vitamin a

400,000 ~ 600,000iu


≥26, 000mg

vitamin d3

150,000 ~ 250,000iu

folic acid


vitamin e




vitamin k3




vitamin b1




vitamin b2




vitamin b6




vitamin b12




calcium pantothenate





usage and dosage:

for pig: add 1l of this product into 1000l~2000l of water.

for poultry: add 1l of this product into 2000l~4000l of water.

for aquaculture: add 1l of this product into 1000l~4000l of water.



1.   sealed and store in a dry and cool place, keep away from sunlight.

2.   store at room temperature.

3.   finish using the product soon after it is unsealed.


packing:  500ml/bottle; 20bottles/box

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