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nano vitamin c oral liquid


this product applies unique nano-emulsion technology to create a stable combination with vitamin c and the other vital vitamins, essential amino acids and oligoses. benefit by the nano-technology that used in this product, this product has many advantages. for example, all nutrients that mentioned above could be encapsulated by nanoemulsion. these functional homogeneous size nanoemulsion droplets (with diameter between 12-20nm) could be completely dissolved in water, with good dispersivity, high stability, high bioavailability and low toxicity. it means that this product provides a new method to solve the problems that exist in other traditional vitamin c supplement products, such as decomposition of vitamin c, which is unstable when heated, exposed in neutral or alkali environment or even influenced by oxygen, light and metal ion.


this nano vitamin c oral liquid could be applied in following situations:

-       animals are suffering stresses from multiple sources, such as high temperature, cold weather, in transit, and the other situations.

-       pregnancy, lactation, hyperthyroidism or other situations that would lead to reduction of vitamin c absorption.

-       energy or nutrients, like protein and vitamin e, are insufficient in feed.



1.    vitamin c participates in the process of collagen synthesis.

2.    vitamin c plays a role in transporting electron and hydrogen ions in bio-oxidation processes.

3.     vitamin c could kill viruses and bacteria inside organism while it could reduce the toxicity of arsenic, benzene and some bacterial toxins.

4.    vitamin c is a strong that could protect other materials from being oxidized.

5.    vitamin c promotes iron absorption.

6.    it could be conducive in the processes of tetrahydro-folic-acid synthesis. and it is required for making dopamine, noradrenaline, and adrenaline in the nervous system or in the adrenal glands.

7.    improves organism immunity by stimulating the production of antibodies and strengthening germ-ingesting cells.

8.    encourages the capability of anti-stress.


composition (each 1 l contains):

vitamin a

400,000 ~ 600,000iu



vitamin d3

150,000 ~ 250,000iu



vitamin e




vitamin k3




vitamin c




folic acid







usage and dosage:

for pig: add 1l of this product into 1000l~2000l of water.

for poultry: add 1l of this product into 2000l~4000l of water.

for aquaculture: add 1l of this product into 1000l~2000l of water.



1.   sealed and store in a dry and cool place, keep away from sunlight.

2.   store at room temperature.

3.   finish using the product soon after it is unsealed.


packing:  500ml/bottle; 20bottles/box

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