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multivitamin premix (for swine) geweisu



this product applies the latest specific biological technology, which is a specific designed multivitamin premix for swine. compared to the other traditional vitamin-supply-solutions, geweisu has a balanced formula of multivitamin with high stability, which contains vitamin a, vitamin d, vitamin e, vitamin k and other vital nutrients.


vitamin a: vitamin a is a kind of vitamins that is an important -like for epithelial and other cells. and it participates in the process of generating sexual hormone. it’s essential for growth and development, especially for proper growth of bones, and for the maintenance of animals’ and vision.

vitamin d: vitamin d encourages metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. it’s efficient in the prevention and treatment of series diseases, like weak-feet, osteoporosis and encephalomalacia. and it could improve the immunity of young animals by enhancing immune function of macrophage.

vitamin e: vitamin e has many biological functions, and best known as a kind of antioxidant. meanwhile, it can help to adjust the reproductive capability and plays an important role in maintaining muscle growth. similar to vitamin e, this kind of fat-soluble vitamin can boost immunity to strengthen the resistance to diseases.

vitamin k : deficiency may lead to uncontrolled internal bleeding, cartilage calcification, severe malformation of developing bones & risk of massive.


composition (each 1 kg contains):

vitamin a

2,000,000 ~ 5,000,000iu

ferric methionine


vitamin d3

500,000 ~10, 500,000iu



vitamin e


zinc methionine


vitamin k3

100 ~2000mg

calcium pantothenate


vitamin b1




vitamin b2


vitamin b12



usage and dosage:

for swine: mix 500g of this product into 1000kg of feed, for 7~14days.

could be used for a long-term.



1.   sealed and store in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight.


packing:  500g/bag; 20bags/box

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