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attapulgite(mycotoxin removement agent)


this product occurs as odorless fluffy grey powder.


attapulgite is a magnesium aluminium phyllosilicate with formula (mg,al)2si4o10(oh) 4(h2o) which occurs in a type of clay soil. it is one of the types of fuller's earth. attapulgite clays are a composite of smectite and palygorskite. smectites are expanding lattice clays of which bentonite is a commonly known generic name for smectite clays. the palygorskite component is an acicular bristle-like crystalline form, which does not swell or expand.

greatbio applies latest nano-technique in this product. naono-attapulgite forms gel structures in liquid by establishing a lattice structure of particles connected through hydrogen bonds. attapulgite clays are bundles of palygorskite clay particles between 2 and 3 micrometres long and below 3 nanometres in diameter. the bundles are surrounded by a matrix of smectite clay. with the help of this structure, attapulgite could capture and absorb harmful molecular, such as aflatoxin, which is toxic to animals. nano attapulgite is an important adsorbent in feed.


1. sealed and store in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight.

2.  finish using the product soon after it is unsealed.

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