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enrofloxacin soluble powder(10%)

c.a.s. number: 93106-60-6

structural formula


molecular formula: c19h22fn3o3



1.   features:

enrofloxacin is synthetic antibiotic, a kind of quinolone carboxylic acid derivatives for veterinary use. it has antibacterial activity against a broad spectrum of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. it is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract, penetrating into animals’ body tissues and fluids. it is proved that quinolone carboxylic acid derivatives are classified as dna gyrase (a synthesis-promoting enzyme) inhibitors, which prevent bacteria’s dna from supercoiling. they may also interrupt bacterial membrane integrity. enrofloxacin premix manufactured by great bio applies latest microcapsule technology that allows effective enrofloxacin molecule be capsuled by polyacrylic resin and enteric-soluble material. therefore, microcapsule could ensure enrofloxacin molecule could be absorbed efficiently by oral administration. compared with traditional enrofloxacin powder, micro-capsuled enrofloxacin premix without any irritating taste and smell, allows active ingredient be controlled-released from microcapsules into tissues with a good penetration.


2. indications

enrofloxacin premix is used for therapeutic treatment of infection or respiratory disease caused by bacteria (such as bacillus spp, corynebacterium and e.coli,pasteurella) and mycoplasmas. it could also be applied for treatments of other diseases that caused by microorganisms found sensitive to this compound.



fig. plasma concentration versus time curve of enrofloxacin


fig. appearance of enrofloxacin premix and the its photograph under 40x microscope


precaution: only used for therapy;



1.  sealed and store in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight.

2.  finish using the product soon after it is unsealed.

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